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USED tires should be mounted and balanced by a USED TIRE SHOP.  There are more than a few national chains and mega-stores that will try to convince you that your used tire is unsafe or that they can’t mount your quality used tire.  Don’t be swayed by unreasonable fear related to what is most likely a cosmetic blemish in the attempt to sell you a new tire(s).  Don’t be a victim or tricked into giving up your quality used tire.  A used tire shop will be honest with you about the condition and safety of your used tire.

We only use vulcanized patches for permanent repairs and never use temporary plugs.  We only repair the tread portion of the tire from sidewall to sidewall (no sidewall repairs).  After repair the tire is again air tested for to insure proper repair and that the tire is airtight.

These are used tires and may have some cosmetic blemishes.  These cosmetic blemishes are to be expected and in no way impact the safety or integrity of the tire.  If you are not sure what you’re seeing, then call or text 407-620-5593.

As you might be offer alternative sizes if your search didn’t find any or very many of the exact size and brand you searched.  We pay out of pocket to ship, so if you purchase the incorrect size then you will be responsible for the return shipping.

100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day warranty on leaks and professional repairs.  Road hazard warranty is not available on used tire sales. 

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